A brief history of Belgrave Wanderers

Many successes have been achieved in our 119 years life story, we cannot probably include all committee players and supporters but sincere thanks to all personal who have helped our club to reach our present day status.In 1906 four clubs formed the Amalgamated, Belgrave Wanderers, North, Tics and the Rangers to play their games at The Track, Victoria Avenue.The Tics folded, the North purchased their own ground in 1985 and the Rangers sold their remaining 50% to the Bels in 2007. We then became sole owners of The Track, which incorporates the karting track. Until 2015 the inter island murratties were played, moving to a modernized Foots Lane thereafter.

The club has made many improvements to our ground over the last 9 years, having rebuilt the home and away dressing rooms. Belgraves have successfully acquired permission to remove the existing stand and replace it with a two-tiered modern facility, to include new restaurants, committee, meeting and games rooms along with an outdoor seating grandstand. We are in the process of raising funds to implement the project. Bels have brought on many of the islands finest footballers, including Les Collins, who achieved 25 muratti caps between 1948 and 1962, in addition to having won two Belgrave Priaulx medals.The most successful decade for our club has been from 2006 to 2015, when we achieved 5 Priaulx league titles, the Jeremy Cup, Stranger Cup, Guernsey FA Cup and the Rawlinson Cup. A list of achievements for each team is listed on the Honours page.As for the 2016 – 2017 season, our club has commenced on a rebuilding program. Belgraves entered a difficult period after their previous success, as many talented players moved on to other leagues. However our committee welcomes Alfie Le Page as first team coach along with coaches Roy Galsworthy and Stu Simon.

Meet the Committee